Wednesday, September 25, 2013

All 5 "Always a Bridesmaid" Books Available Now!


All Five "Always a Bridesmaid" books are available now on Amazon and Barnes and Noble (still waiting on Kobo, but they should show up soon).

Find out more on my Amazon author page:

Or click the covers below to find the books for Nook.

And if you'd like to add the books on goodreads, I now have an official author page:


Thanks so much to the people who have already purchased and left reviews! I'm thrilled and grateful for your readership.

Best and fabulous Wednesday to you all,

Jessie Evans

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Only a few more days!

Only a few more days! 

By this time next week, all five stories in the "Always a Bridesmaid" series will be live and available for download!

I'm so excited to share these stories with readers, and I hope they fall in love with the March sisters and their alpha heroes as much as I did. This series was such a blast to write, and I look forward to revisiting Summerville in coming books.

I'm also planning a treat for my readers. I'm planning to make "Betting on You," the first book in the series, available for free on Kobo from day one and at other ebook retailers as soon as possible thereafter (sometimes you have to wait for Amazon to catch up.)

Here's a little more about "Betting on You"

Betting On You
A Summerville Novel
Always A Bridesmaid Book One
He'd always bet on her, always...

Lark March is over Mason Stewart, so over him she's practically forgotten the cruel way he ended things four years ago. At least that's what she's told her sisters... But when Mason shows up at her best friend's wedding, talking sweet and looking even sweeter, Lark can't deny the man still gets to her in a major way.

Mason Stewart was a messed up kid, but he's a man now, a man who knows what he wants and won't stop until he's convinced the only woman he's ever loved that they are meant to be. He persuades Lark to give him seven days to remind her why they belong together. At the week's end, Lark may tell him to get out of her life for good, but Mason's betting on true love for the win. 

But when old secrets come to light, Lark and Mason will find their rediscovered love tested, and happily ever after harder to hold on to than either of them wagered. 

Laughs, love, and happy ever after,

Jessie Evans